Are you a composer, a producer or a songwriter?

Are you restricted by budgets and forced to use samples to go with your compositions?

Do you wish to lift your track or songs to a higher musical dimension by merging it with real orchestral sounds, recorded live by professionally trained musicians?


To accomodate all of this needs The Belgian Session Orchestra organizes a new "Shared Session", a recording session in collaboration with Motor Music and the 15-member string orchestra.

The general expences such as studio time, technicians, conducting, administration and musician's fees will bve divided among several clients, resulting in an affordable recording session with a string orchestra for any production of any size.


How does it work?

We propose a maximum of 2-hour sessions.

Reservations are made per half hour.

A half-hour session is priced at 600 euro's (VAT excl).

Depending on the complexity of the string arrangement and the necessity of dubbing to achieve an even greater sound, we can record up to 3 tracks hourly.

Tending to the scores and the arrangement (upon receiving it in a common notation file such as Finale or Sibelius) is included in this price.

However, composing the arrangements is not and requires a separate fee. No worries though, as BSO is delighted to present several of its house-composers and arrangeurs for a masterful and unique arrangement of your track.


A "Shared Session" is ensured to take place after acquiring reservations of at least 5 hours of studio time. In case of insufficient booking it can be rescheduledto a next "Shared Session " (held monthly). In such case the client maintains the booking and the right of priority.


Unless agreed differently the tracks will be delivered upon receiving, by BSO, the full payement for the session.



The Belgian Session Orchestra,

Brussels - Belgium

Tel: +32 477 478623